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Image by Milad Fakurian

Women of Faith & The Marketplace Clubhouse

A club and support group for women keeping their careers centered around Christ.

Basic Membership - $9.99/month

VIP Membership - $29.99/month


Prayer Call

Every Monday at 6:00a.m. we will meet on Zoom to pray for our cities, families, finances, ministries and careers. Let's start our week off with coming together in prayer and give God our first fruits.


Brunch + Fellowship

Once a month, on either a Saturday or Sunday we will meet at a gathering place (TBD) to eat, pray, worship and gather vital information from our keynote speakers to help us move forward in our faith and careers. (In-person and virtual)


Birthday Gift

Birthdays are friendly reminders that God gifted us another year of life! And The W.O.F. Clubhouse wants to bless you with a well-deserved treat. It may come in a package small or large...we won't ruin the surprise for you;)



Once a month, we as a Clubhouse will volunteer for local events within our communities. As a way of giving back, we will serve others as God commands us.


All Previous Benefits 

As a VIP, you will receive all the benefits from the Basic Package with a few more perks!


Branding Sessions

As the Bible says, "iron sharpens iron". This group will meet every twice a month (in-person and virtual) to brainstorm and collaborate on how to develop our brands. *Location TBD.


Design Team

Our in-house design team will be on standby to offer you professional and quality designs for your brand marketing collateral. For a discounted rate, you can receive up to 75% off on web, logo, print or digital services.



Receive up to 10% of The Clubhouse earnings as long as you remain a VIP member.

Sign Up Today!

This the answer to your prayers! A community of faith-filled, Spirit-led women working together in unity for the greater good. Focusing our attention on Christ to bless us in our careers, ministries and lives. Sign up today, cancel at anytime.

Image by Milad Fakurian
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