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Bringing leaders together from all over the world.

M&M Int'l powerful alliance works together to develop strategies, mobilize resources, and raise awareness to create a wider network for leaders all over the world. So that everyone will have the same access and tools to be more efficient and effective in their personal and spiritual lives, as they maneuver through their individual sectors in the marketplace. 



Global Leadership Initiative 

Our Global Leadership Initiative focuses on building various skills to prepare our individuals in becoming a well-rounded global citizen and leader. Our annual cohort is a 7-day intensive program to help inspiring leaders shape the future.


Group Retreats


When you book a group retreat with M&M Int'l., you are investing more than you'll ever know. Experiencing the world in its richness and beauty is priceless. We curate retreats around the world for families, individuals, and organizations to see all of God's creation.

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Art & Technology

God created the universe in 6 days; He is the greatest artist of all time. Our Arts & Technology program is dedicated to cultivate and embrace artists all over the world. We hone in on our God-given talents and abilities through Technology, Graphics, Culinary, Architecture, Interior and more.

Leadership Presentation

Mastermind Conferences

Our Mastermind Conferences are geared specifically towards inspiring and developing entrepreneurs, who will benefit from industry professionals to gain more knowledge as faith-owned businesses.


Community Development


From building wells in Africa, creating schools in Thailand, developing jobs and programs for our at-risk youth, and keeping our planet clean and healthy to live in. Our Community Development program partners with organizations worldwide, to make each neighbor a better and safer one to live in.

"In the times we're living in, it's going to take bold, courageous, faith-filled, radical believers to take the violent by force. Kingdom citizens all over the world have started to penetrate the secular industries and minds like never before. Professionals, like barbers, nurses, caterers, artists, and engineers are learning what it means to be the 'church' in the marketplace. It's about time!"

Erika D. Bradford

Founder & CEO of M&M Int'l.

Image by Greg Rakozy

It's an amazing world out there...

M&M International is collaborating with organizations all over the world so that Christ can be shown through every corner of the earth. We are His disciples taking His message through all the lands, transforming lives and igniting passions. Partner with us, and watch His glory be revealed!

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