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Hello Queens!

I'm Erika Bradford; President of M&M Int'l., and your host for this lovely Spiritual Retreat & Getaway. As a Pastor, Entrepreneur, and a Visionary Coach- I have several reasons why I knew a Women's Retreat was the right move for this season.

Bottom line, we're exhausted! That's not always a bad thing. We're moving, shaking and building in this season...go girls! Married or single, parenting kids or your parents, going back to school or expanding a career, in the middle of a major's a lot!

No matter how we've come to the level of exhaustion we may be experiencing; exhaustion is normal and apart of the process. What shouldn't be apart of the journey is allowing ourselves to separate from our Creator, God our Father. So what do we do when we're burnt out from everyday up's and down's? Getaway. 

Getaways does not necessarily mean a vacation outside the city, but sometimes it does. A pause, a break, a reset from your everyday norm and atmosphere. If we don't take some kind of getaway every now and then we will experience exhaustion beyond our control which can lead to depression, sickness, loss of focus, abandonment from what matters, bad diet, insomnia, extreme fatigue, negative habits and thoughts. And most importantly, becoming stagnant or shy away from our faith.

I don't know about you, but I can tell when i'm not feeling like myself and can't get a prayer through...or can't pray at all! It's not like i'm doing anything wrong. I allow life (unknowingly) to get my attention, more than giving it to my word, my prayer, my praise, my thoughts, my one on one time with my Heavenly Father. It's like our relationship has been somehow disconnected; offline. Please tell me i'm not the only one who experience this?!

So to the heart of the matter, are you ready to take a minimum of five days to YOURSELF? Exercise some self-care and soul-care for your heart, mind, soul and to gain the heart, mind and Spirit of Christ? Reconnect.

You really really, REALLY deserve this Retreat! Listen to the still small voice.

See you in Mexico!


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