Image by Tron Le


Welcome to the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Thank you Lord for a safe flight! As we descend and make our way through the airport; don't forget to grab your luggage, then let's meet our driver outside the airport as we travel to your next destination. Enjoy the scenic views of Mexico from your window as you arrive to our private Villa Las Puertas. As you walk through the majestic front doors, you’ll find your break taking room awaiting you! 


Rest up, relax, and take a walk around the grounds while we prepare to meet for our first dinner together prepared by our Chef Dinora. Take the rest of the evening to go for a swim, play some games with the ladies, or relax on the balcony and just watch the 'Splendid Waves' of God's beautiful creation.

Tropical Bay


Fri-YAY! Can you believe you just woke up to that ocean view?! Thank you Jesus! As you slowly make you way out of bed, get ready for our 1st breakfast with Chef Dinora. Let us come together in praise; truly giving thanks for all God has done. Take your morning to mediate privately or corporately...chill out on your balcony or by the pool. 

Chat it up with the other ladies, and genuinely love on a sister! Make connections that will last for a lifetime. Afterwards, we can choose to spend our afternoon on one, or two excursions...which one tickles your fancy??!

Well, that was a FUN afternoon!!!! We have definitely worked up an appetite for sure. Let's began to make our way back to the Villa so we can rest, unwind and prepare for dinner by Chef Dinora.


Image by Jackie Parker


It's Saturday ladies, and we have a few options as to how to spend our day. First, let's pray and connect with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for a night well-slept, grab some breakfast and coffee...can't forget the coffee. And let's chat for a few minutes about our morning mediation. 


We will spend our morning on a beautiful excursion of sailing on the Splendid Waves of Puerto Vallarta. Afterwards, we can hang in town and do some shopping, and mingle with the locals before we make our way back to our Dreamy Villa to rest and get ready for Chef Dinora to serve us our gourmet dinner.


Swimming in Bikini


It's Sunday. And guess what, you can do whatever you want to do! Go to the beach, go shopping or sleep in! We will take our morning to have time for Praise & Worship, a light sermon with time for reflections...just let God have His way! Don't forget to stop by the kitchen for some breakfast and coffee, and truly just soak in the moment. 

Reflect about everything that has brought you to this moment as you look at the Splendid Waves crashing into one another in perfect harmony...even the oceans worship our God! 

Around 4:00p.m we will need for you to get dressed up for our last night together! We have a 'Surprise Gift' for all of you....so look cute and get ready for one last night out!

Image by Matthew Brodeur


Ladies, I know it's sad to think about but it's time to pack your bags and get ready to come back home. We don't have to leave the Villa until 11:00a.m., so go ahead and take a dip in the pool, have you some breakfasts and a light lunch, and say your last goodbye's to the lovely staff that served us this past weekend!

Take your last selfies and pics of the beautiful Splendid Waves! Let's lift up a shout of praise to the Almighty God for getting us to this place of rest, resetting, realigning and refocusing our attention back to what matters most, Jesus!

Time to go! Make sure you've grabbed all your belongings. Philadelphia, here we come...