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Our Global Leadership Initiative focuses on building various skills to prepare us in becoming a well-rounded global citizen and leader.

Our yearly summits which consists of our international and domestic leaders participate in weekly leadership workshops, networking dinners, social excursions and self-initiated community outreach.


The overall purpose of these activities is to achieve the goal of a more globalized work environment, improvement on social awareness and a focus on career professionalism.

Available for all different age groups. We host youth and adult summits, and sometimes combine both groups for a unique and diverse blend of leadership education.

Personal Development:

  • Networking

  • Conflict Resolutions

  • Instill Confidence

  • Situational Awareness

  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving



  • Public Speaking

  • Body Language

  • Effectively Working with Other Leaders


Global Leadership:

  • Project Management Skills

  • Ethics and Decision Making

  • Leadership Style Exploration

Speaker in front of a Crowd

Global Leadership Summit in San Francisco 

Fall 2023

Image by Ragnar Vorel
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