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Splendid Waves

Women's Retreat

A 2o22 Luxurious Spiritual Women's Retreat

This Luxurious Spiritual Women's Retreat is for you to get "closer" to Jesus, simply put. As we're only accepting five (5) women for an intimate time for you to refocus, revitalize, rejuvenate, recalibrate, realign and reset. Pause from your regularly scheduled program to find rest for your mind, body & soul. Worship, laugh and create a joyous sisterhood on this 5-day/4- night Getaway.

starting @ $1800 per guest


Women of Faith &

The Marketplace Clubhouse

A club and support group for women keeping their careers centered around Christ.

  • Weekly 6:00a.m. prayer call

  • Brunch + Fellowship meetings 1x a month

  • Receive a birthday gift every year!

  • Community volunteer services

  • A sisterhood of diverse faith-filled women

Plus, join the "Women x Collab" Group!

Collaborate and brainstorm with women who are building their business, ministry and personal brands...just like you!