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A global leadership hub set to

Train, Inspire, Develop &Cultivate 

LEADERS for Ministry

& the Marketplace.

Yes, You! You are a Leader in your own right. Someone, somewhere looks up to you. Now, how exactly do you become better at leading in your Home, Career, and Ministry?

What is a Leader? And how does one become effective? How can you truly master leadership in all areas of your life (home, career and ministry)? Every great leader worth mentioning understood what it means to serve; to become a servant leader. 


Jesus did not come into the world for Himself, but for us. Christ is the greatest example of how to serve and lead. Luke 22:27 quotes, "He said, I am among you as one who serves”. His life was not for Himself, but for us; His death was not for Himself, but for us. It is through His example, we, here at M&M International will train, inspire, develop and cultivate hearts, minds, and souls to become igniting leaders in ministry and the marketplace.

Old City

"SEE" the Bible in Jerusalem

January  2024

Purchase TST Meetup Tickets! Must buy your Event Tickets from the host directly.

The Meetup Experience for Single Abstinent Christians

Event hosted by The Sexless Tribe >

Friday, August 25 - Sunday, August 27

Atlanta, GA

You are not alone! There are many young adults still trying their best to live Holy unto God. Those interested in this unique experience, join Erika Bradford and let's fly down together from Philadelphia!

Traveling from Philly? Book your flight and hotel room, with Erika Bradford verses booking alone!

"My whole life has been about impacting the world at large. My heart is so full of compassion! I am a seed planter, problem solver and bridge connector. I'm called to make local and global positive changes, it's my natural response to heal the world. I motivate, support, nurture, and provide opportunities for God's people to find their rightful place in ministry and the marketplace - this is my unique way of Kingdom building. It is by His grace, that I've grown to the capacity of being effective, while being effected.  I am humbled that He saw me fit to be a voice for this generation."

Pastor Erika Bradford

Erika D. Bradford

Founder & CEO of M&M Int'l.

Image by Greg Rakozy

It's an amazing world out there...

M&M International is collaborating with organizations all over the world so that Christ can be shown through every corner of the earth. We are His disciples taking His message through all the lands, transforming lives and igniting passions. Partner with us, and watch His glory be revealed!

The Hub.

M&M Int'l powerful alliance works together to develop strategies, mobilize resources, and raise awareness to create a wider network for leaders all over the world. So that everyone will have the same access and tools to be more efficient and effective in their personal and spiritual lives, as they maneuver through their individual sectors in the marketplace. 


Global Leadership  Initiative


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Community Involvement


Group Retreats


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